milo butler

We are family led organization, consisting of wholesale distribution and retail outlets, which services customers throughout the islands of The Bahamas.

Sir Milo Butler was granted the privilege of becoming the 1st Governor General of the Bahamas in 1973 after the country received its independence from the British Commonwealth. Pictured here are Sir Milo Butler & his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Sir Lynden O. Pindling, Bahamas’ 1st Prime Minister along with his wife.

Milo Butler & Sons Ltd. was founded in the late 1963 by Sir Milo Butler. Looking to serve the under privileged in the community, the company broke down numerous barriers through sheer dedication and perseverance. Since then, Milo Butler & Sons Ltd. has firmly established itself as a significant player in the food distribution industry.

Milo Butler distributors is the only distributor that delivers flexibility, personal interaction, and develops best in class service for their customers. Our brands are quality driven and value guaranteed, and it is our mission to ensure that every customer we service receives excellent service.

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